Excel: Captain Excel discusses word processing options

In this post on the Captain Excel blog on AccountingWeb.com, the author runs through several options for composing and displaying text in Excel spreadsheets. This is a common issue for accountants, especially auditors. We use Excel so much for displaying tables of numbers and performing complex calculations, but a significant part of reporting is the explanatory text. This is precisely why a standard set of financial statements includes more note disclosure than actual numbers.

From the article:

Callouts are Text Boxes with arrows to help direct the discussion within the Text Box to the object.   Create a Callout by clicking on the Shapes button in the Illustrations group on the Inset tab, then click on one of the callout buttons at the bottom of the selections.

As a preparer and reviewer of millions (okay, maybe thousands) of Excel-based audit workpapers, I see all manner of text display methods. Even after five years in the profession, I have yet to decide on a preferred method. This article helps put it all in perspective, and I think I agree with the author on a favorite method. You’ll have to read the article to find out!

Captain Excel: Word Processing Options in Excel

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